Dear Client,
Thank you for sharing your project. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour.
I changed the layout in a way to increase the space for the master bedroom create a transparent home office. The pieces of furniture are modern and in neutral colors as you wished.
At first, when you enter your home there’s space for a seat and some hangers for hanging your guest coats. The seat can be helpful for wearing shoes.
The laundry area is moved right next to the bathroom and almost across the bedroom door which makes the access from both places easier. Doors are also sliding type, for a modern and more functional use and look.
Secondly, your bedroom is now a lot bigger and more functional than your current one. By changing the position of the door, I was able to design a walk in closet with glass doors. As you mentioned you have lots of clothes and shoes I thought the best way to create more space for your staff is to separate the shoes and clothes closets. In that case you have enough space for both. There is also a toilet table between the shoe and walk in closet to use for makeup.
My favorite part of the room is the moveable wall between the shoe closet and the bed that functions as a dressing. It gives you the privacy you want for trying out new outfits. There’s also a mirror at the corner of the room that facilitates the process. This movable wall can be pushed and make the space open when you don’t need the privacy.
Thirdly, your home office is situated next to the bedroom with glass walls. These glass walls can pushed and one of them rotated to make the space more connected to other areas. On the other hand, if you feel you bed more privacy you can close the doors. One of the great pieces of furniture in this room is the armchair/bed. When you felt tired of working you can chill for some time on the armchair in the corner and enjoy the view. Additionally, you can convert it to a bed and use it for your guests.
And finally, the living room area has a new layout. The media wall is next to the home office. The sectional is located right in front of TV. The radiator that is behind the sectional can be replaced by a decorative radiator that is both beautiful and practical.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy.