Entryway: The entry area is the first place you see when you enter the home. So you can put a shoe cabinet close up to the wall in front of the entrance door: it helps you to organize your shoes and, with the right accessories, to decorate the space. There is a different floor, with geometric black and white tiles.
Dining area: The part of the kitchen counter facing the living room is used as a back for a bench, so you can create three seats saving space. You can paint it mustard yellow (as the couch): the yellow colour helps to make the space bright and matches well with dark color of the wall. With a decorative pillow you can add style to it. An accent suspended light assures a focus on the table.
Entertainment area / East wall: We got a couch and two armchair, with a side table and a coffee table in the middle, and a big rug, so you got a perfect conversation area, just in front of the screen for the projector. The wall is painted with a blue green paint, with a wall shelf just under the ceiling line, where you can place projector and sound system.
Bookshelf/ West wall: The bookshelf is made by shelves on a wood covered wall. Using led strip lights you can have additional and scenographic light. The other part of the wall is covered with wallpaper. A large shelf on the floor can be used as base for potted plants.
To hide the aircon, the curtain is installed ahead it, and defined with a moulding as the rest of the ceiling.