A clear and simple solution for the is applyed for the general schem for the rooms.
Bright colors are applyed for the walls and ceiling, in order the sunlight from the openings to reflect repeatedly and thus bring more light into the daily life of the apartment.
The designer has tried to choose furniture from a few stores, thereby reducing the cost for customer delivery. The main furniture supplier is the Ikea in Perth, Australia.

The whoole books storage consists of two bookshelfs. In order for them to fit under the windows on the East Wall, they are both custom designed, and can be manufactured from a Perth based company. The Bookshelf is located on the East Wall
The Case stores books, two of the components of the Audio system, and has plant pots on it`s highest level, and in this way provides them with light from windows.
The design suggest white MDF for the bookshelf material.

There are two types of finishes on the walls:
- Color Pattern Wallpaper, which is slef adhesive and doesnt need any additional tools.
- White Paint from a local manufacturer.

By using such simple means of expression, the color and mood in the space will be achieved through paintings and photos which are hang on the wall, and has their unique appearance.

There is a plasterboard installed infront the aircond, with idea to hide it.
On the inner side of this board can also be installed and hidden a curtain rod for the curtains.
With this simple and summarizing decision, the overall look of the room is not affected.

The west wall is the paradise in the living room.
There is located a two seated sofa with chaise lounge, from which you can watch projections on the "white painting" which is your projector screen as a part of your painting collection.
The sofa is accompanied by four side tables.
Two are infront the sofa, where you can serve drinks for your guest and where you can put your laptop and pocket projector.
The other two side tables are for exhibiting yout favorite plants.
There is enought space left to the sides of the sofa to put two of the four high speakers.
On the wall, you show your guests your favorite moments with a pattern of photographs, which is complimented by a pleasent wallpaper finish.

On the east wall, are located:
- Three paintings. Two are with colour, one is left blank. The Blank one is your projector screen.
- Two connected bookcases.
- The other two tall speakers, located to the side of the bookcases.
- The three windows are with new blinds, for the hot days, which are in the depth of the window, and are almost invisible.

Infront of the East Wall, there is a table for 6 people which can be extended to host even more people. The table is oriented in a way that is as close to your kitchen and maximum number of sitters can watch TV.

The design involves two types of light:
- spot lights - for kitchen and entryway, which give more space underneath them and publicity.
- pendant lights - for dinning area, chill area and balcony, which are for a more private conversations and intimacy.

The design propose a demolition of one of the walls in the entryway, and turning it into a high plant pot, interior light hole, and seating back for the seating bench.
The seating bench lets you put your shoes in comfort, while in the same time you can hide your shoes underneath.

In order to have a minimal change in the floor, but at the same time to distinguish it from flooring in the living room, pieces of laminate which are located in the entryway are painted white.
The white color will be in stark contrast to the rest flooring and will demonstrate how dirty guests shoes are and thus would force them to take off their shoes at the door.

By the deployment of sitting on the same side and the use of the comfort of the wood material, the balcony is a natural extension of the living room, which is only an arm's length from the couch.

The Exterior Air con unit is hand high on the wall, hidden behind a wood cage.
Underneath it, there is a small DIY garden hanging on the wall.
There are two seating benches, one foldable table for 4 people and two foldable chairs.
This way you can always control how crowded you want your balcony to be.

At a cost of under $10k, your living room can turn into a great start for your whole apartament, revealing it`s great potential.