Dear Client,
Thank you for the beautiful contest. this is a virtual reality tour around the open space of your apartment.
Scandinavian style is definitely very chic and timeless style. Originally, this style make use of natural materials. So, I used raw wood elements, wool cushions and leather sofa. Because the space is small I also used bright neutral colors to give the illusion of being spacious.
As you enter you face kitchen. In order to be comfortable walking around the island and placing your groceries, I demolished the kitchen walls. In this way you can have a better connection with the other areas as well. Rather than that, there are 2 bar stools for individual use.
Right next to the kitchen, the dining area is situated with an extendable table. So as not to face chaos here when you use for 6 people, I placed a 2 seater bench on the wall side to be used for both 4 and 6 type.
In the living room, I continued the green color of the TV wall to the tiny terrace wall to increase the harmony of the area.
As this green hue is a sharp and dark tone it’s better that it would be used for the small wall and to be combined with light raw wood next to it to draw attention.
In the living room, there’s a three seater leather sofa right in front of the TV.
To balanced warm colors, I used white color for walls and concrete effect ceramic for floors to create a beautiful contrast with the wood. Also by adding a touch of brassy bronzy tone of pendants the house will have a modern chic look.
Hope you enjoy.

Living In Bologna


Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy