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We propose to demolish all kitchen walls and create a open-concept living area with abundant natural sunlight, which is more spacious and brighter. The kitchen space is separated from other area (including the entrance corridor) by L-shape peninsula only.

Seating & tv area is located at the corner with 3-pane window, and dining is located near the door towards balcony. We suggest to make the door swing outwards to the balcony. You can expand the dining table if you need it, and the extra 2 chairs can reshuffle as the table expands, for proper dining space.

Kitchen is located in the existing space-taking advantage of existing plumbing system, and there is kitchen peninsula with stools overlooking towards seating /tv corner, while the other side is merging into the dining space.

Hope our design proposal can provide you with fresh ideas in renovating the space. Thanks!

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Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

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