Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity to design your neverland.

The idea was to separate the sleeping and living quarter into different buildings to get the most of the allowed footprint from the regulations.

The buildings are rotated approximately 30° from the length of the site so each building could have direct view to the sea despite the close proximity. This rotation also brings the building parallel to the site's slope line, resulting in a minimal cut and fill, retaining the original slope, that should translates into a cost-effective project.

Coming to the site, there is a covered carport that accommodates 4 cars. The wall of the carport is extended to create privacy for the compound.

Entering the compound, there is a snaking pathway that will give the experience of entering a luxury retreat. The sleeping quarters are arranged in such a way so that they have maximum privacy without being overly closed up, considering that the 3 of you are close, childhood friend.

The living quarter level is lifted to create an elevated view to the sea from the living and dining area.

The colors of the buildings area muted to their natural color to highlight the blue color of the sea and the sky.

There is a private area to enjoy the sunset at the east side of the common area. The remaining unbuilt spaces could be utilize for outdoor activity.

I hope that the design satisfy your expectation. Thank you.

Kind regards.



Elafonisos, Greece