It has been a pleasure to work on this project as Greece is really close to my heart. Thank you very much for posting.

My idea was to align the homes to the 15 meter setback as much as possibl. In this case the homes will be located on the highes point of the lot which results in the best view. You can see this on my renders.

The position of the three homes has a little bit of movement both vertically and horizontally. In this case I could create intimate, smaller outdoor spaces dedicated to each home. You can walk through several steps to find yourself at the end of the built property.

The infinity pool is located on the north west side of the lot. Closest to the perfect sea view. Around the pool the shared outdoor space is divided into 3 parts: pool lounge, living space and dining space. The wooden outdoor structures and native trees provide shade on all sides four of the homes.

Each home has a dedicated parking spot for one car (it is possible to exted to more, if needed). The car parks are shaded with wooden structures. And they are located close to the entrance door of each home.

The floor plan of each home is divided into a nightime and a daytime area. On the north east side (nice and cool while sleeping, sun in the morning) are located the bedrooms plus the master bedroom's bath. The entrance and the main bath is on the east side, providing morning light and nice and chill evenings. And the open living space is located on the south west side, which has the best daylight throught the whole day.

I hope you like my proposal and we can work together on this lovely project further.




Elafonisos, Greece