The proposed design solution has been conceived to meet all the needs of the customer, as it translates into a design of the entire area presented. The style pursued refers to a simple, but above all Mediterranean style. From the distance of 15 meters from the border have been established 3 housing units with a greek/modern style as references, the units have the same plan and square footage (200 sqm total and maximum height of 7m), divided on two floors that house respectively the living area on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the second floor. The primary objective is to create the homes but also a project of the exterior in order to make usable the area. Important factor is that of the slope of the land, it has been incorporated with the project favoring the houses that will then be facing the sea. From the street level you can access through two entrances, a driveway that allows the arrival by car to the covered garage of each unit, the other pedestrian that connects the units separately creating continuity through a path in the green. The materials used are mainly natural stone for all exterior walls and a white coating for the floors. Each unit has externally a large space as there are deck chairs and umbrellas, an outdoor dining area and a barbecue for evening and informal events. The finishes of the houses result in the use of the most natural and simple materials possible, such as natural wood, white plaster and large windows to allow natural light; several pergolas with cannicciato immediately highlight the Mediterranean style.



Elafonisos, Greece