Dear Leroy merlin,
Firstly thank you for the opportunity. And secondly, this is a brief explanation of my ideas for themes.
Colour design: in this style my idea was to create a beach like bathroom to make it more relaxing and comfortable for clients. So, I played with blue hue and sand colored tiles. In order to brighten up the space I also used colorful patterned tiles.
Classic chic: Marble is a classic and timeless choice for design. It’s also very classy in particular when white marble combines with the black one. Therefore, this bathroom is a great place to feel a sense of luxury while at the same time it’s very affordable and comfortable.
Urban eco: This style remind us of big cities with concrete buildings and huge natural parks in the middle for instance New York City. Therefore, the idea is to use Wood effect and concrete like ceramics to indicate the contrast between natural and artificial materials existing in a metropolitan city. Also with a touch of vegetation via living walls to insist on the struggle for clean air.
Tradition: for traditional style I used patterned tiles with gray color and gold color to add to the glamour of the past thrones but still make it affordable for everyone. The combination of gold and gray is a perfect way to express this theme.
Feminine: my personal theme is feminine design which is inspired by georgia o'keeffe paintings. My intention is NOT to show womanhood, my goal is to represent femininity as a trait that can be loved, lived, appreciated and lastly embraced by any human being despite their gender or sexual orientation. I personally believe human beings are consist of both femininity and masculinity but the amount of each varies in different people. Therefore, this design is for those people who are more passionate about feminine qualities such as gentleness, empathy, humility, sensitivity and a thousand more. I chose this theme because I strongly believe that these traits can make the world more peaceful, so I dare you to embrace your femininity.