Hello My Dear Client,

I hope we succeeded with making our perfect Hotel room. I try to make some real best hotel room, not imaginary one. With real furniture, accessories, bathroom, etc....
I put a lot of explanation in the floor plan, but I still will have some to add:

- Hotel safe, it accepts 15" laptop in horizontal position, and 17" laptop in tilted/ diagonal shape
- Desk Lamp, is integrated into black shape, so it is not visible, and it can be positioned in active state, by push/pull press. So, it can not be pushed down accidentally.
- Mirror is applied onto bathrooms sliding door, the second one, so you have to slide the first door to see second door with its mirror.
- Shower is 100x90cm, but you have bidet, also.
- Microwave oven is added, also.
- Curtains are in mid-beige colors, but the 3rd layer of curtains is blockout layer.

That is all.

The Best Hotel Room


Rimini, Province of Rimini, Italy