The project has few structural changes. Only has been torn down the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. The big change will be the replacement of pavement, for a woodgrain.

There is a semi-open kitchen, by placing a vertical surface of wood. Regarding the bathroom, the shower is larger, disappearing the bathtub, and has placed a dual (toilet + bidet) leaving more space for the washing machine.

The bedroom has two options. Both have a complete designs, colorful and modern enough so that it is neither a child's bedroom or an adult's bedroom.

The living room features designer furniture (plus a sofa that remains). There is little furniture but they exploit the most of the space. A large library separates partially the entrance of the living room. To invite friends to eat, has been placed a furniture that becomes a table for 8 people.

If you have any doubt or question after revision, don't hesitate to contact me.