The main idea on which this proposal is based is to generate a fluid and uninterrupted circulation, thus rethinking the way the apartment previously worked. The transformation of the space originated from the request made by the client to change the staircase because it was very uncomfortable, so the proposed design is to change its location and its circular shape for a "U" shape, also as It was the element that was going to cause the transformation of the space, I considered it important to provide it with a sculptural and hierarchical form within it, its steps are created by stacking several wooden logs. When you enter the apartment you can see a spacious living room with a wooden sofa and in front of it a television with a fireplace. The kitchen and dining room are in the same space and 4 people can be accommodated at the wooden bar. On the second floor there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. In one room there are 3 beds and in the other 2. The client's requirement is to have a slightly rustic space, that is why we combined this style with a modern and minimalist one, as this provided the feeling of a spacious and sophisticated space. The colors of the apartment are light tones to provide greater lighting and spaciousness.

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