Dear Client,

Thank you for this great project, I tried to make a design that suits what you want, below I will explain the proposal that I submitted.

Design concept:

I made the design look natural with white brick walls, as well as a roof frame that has a wooden texture, and other furniture with a wooden texture, adding a natural impression to the design.

Living room:
In this area there are two sofas and a carpet with a television, there is also a table with a wooden texture, the area is located near the entrance which makes it easy for guests to access the area.

Kitchen :
There is a kitchen with shelves that have an L shape following the slightly sloping walls, the wooden texture makes the kitchen feel warm and natural, apart from that there is an island with bar chairs that can be used for eating or just relaxing.

Dining :
This dining area is located not far from the kitchen, with the consideration that both can be easily accessed, because these two areas are still connected, there is a dining table and dining seating totaling 6 chairs, enough for one family to interact with each other.

Study Room:
In the study room there is a bookshelf that is large enough to put lots of books, and also a chair for reading books which is made for reading books in a relaxed manner using an ergonomic chair. This room is located close to a large window with the consideration that the incoming light can make the reader has energy, not dark, so you can focus on what you read.

Master Bedroom:
There is a bed with a television, as well as two windows that are sufficient for sunlight to enter and meet the light requirements for a large room. there is a walk-in closet which has enough wardrobe for lots of clothes, as well as a bathroom so that the homeowner has enough privacy.

Guest Bedroom:
With all considerations for the location of the guest bed, I placed it in the place as shown in the floor plan, this is so that the room still has sufficient privacy and has adequate access to sunlight. With all these considerations, I decided this would be a good location for the guest bed.

Master Bathroom:
In this bathroom there is a sink, bathtub, shower and toilet. This is the main toilet which I placed next to the guest bedroom and not far from the main bedroom, so that it can be accessed easily.

Guest WC & Laundry :
I placed the guest toilet not far from the living room with the consideration that guests do not need to go deeper into another room of the house so that guests feel more comfortable when going to the toilet, there is a toilet and sink which are usually used by guests.

There is a green open space as well as a terrace, and also a garage, which I designed with full consideration, starting from the entry for vehicles, the entrance for bicycles and homeowners, as well as the relaxing area on the terrace, you can see the exterior that I have attached, I hope it suits What do you want.

That's a little explanation from me regarding the layout and concept, I have attached the costs for demolition and installation of materials (not including materials), to provide an illustration if you carry out renovations. I hope the design I proposed matches what you want, thank you for your attention.


The House Of The Well


33100 Udine, Province of Udine, Italy