Dear Client,

I present to you the interior design plan drawings of the Floor Apartment (The House of the Well).

The interior design of your one-story building with a double-height ceiling has been redesigned according to the following points:
1- The entrance to the apartment was narrowed slightly to make room for the construction of a small parking lot that can accommodate one car. It has a separate entrance, and the entrance leads into the apartment via stairs.
2- The part, which has an area of 145 square meters, was divided so that it could accommodate the creation of a small garden in the middle with a high ceiling and glass windows in the ceiling, while allocating space to accommodate the living room, dining room, and kitchen open to the dining room and leading to the garden through an arch door.
- Next to the living room, there is a secret door that leads to the storage room, in addition to the guest bathroom in the eastern corner of the house, next to the storage room.
3- The part, which had an area of 90 square meters, was divided so that two bedrooms were created, one of which was a master bedroom with its own bathroom and a small changing room, and the other contained a double bed.
- A corridor was created leading to the back garden of the second building as it actually existed
- An office and study room was created that accommodates a sofa that can be converted into a single bed as needed to relax a little.

In addition to creating a laundry room that contains a corner for ironing, next to it is a relatively large dressing room with a seat in the middle and next to it is another large bathroom with a bathtub or jacuzzi.

best wishes ..

The House Of The Well


33100 Udine, Province of Udine, Italy