Dear client, two plan solutions are presented to you, not so different from each other. Solution was conditioned by the way the existing windows stand, using the biggest one for day zone and bedroom.
The bedroom is placed near the entrance, with a minimal surface. Day zone was constrained by the positions of existing installations (water and drain). Also is places near the bathroom and the kitchen. Kitchen is designed with a peninsula. The dining area has its own considerable space in the apartment, projected as a gallery, with the capacity of 8 people. In the living room, jellyfish tank is designed to be perceived also by the dining and kitchen area. Living room has a corner sofa, TV place and beneath it is the electric fireplace. Day zone is designed as an open space.
In this project are used warm and bright colors: wood in its own warm color, white, cappuccino and with a touch of floral art.
Hope you enjoy the project! Thank you.

Jellyfish Maison


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy