Dear Client,

Thanks for giving me good time, designing your apartment, as the shades of grey and wood also my favorite shades.
The most of furniture parts, is Italian made, so would not have any issues buying it.

Measures: Although every measure is accurate, I strongly encourage you to measure everything again before buying parts. You never know what could be going wrong, measuring is cheap, at least...especially sofa furniture. You will find the the PDF link in description with sizes for the specific sofa, so you may check it on your own everything.

About the colors: I hope you like it, and that I made what you like.

Ceramic tiles in living area: I used ceramic tiles with wooden look, I think it fits more into your design.

TV: I did not want them to occupate central place in room, as they would disturb the main concept, and you can rotate them how do you want.
In the master bed room there is mistake regardings the TV wall, it should be exterior wall for bearing TV unit. Just flip it in the mirror, upside/down.

WC(small): I made some thick wall as barrier, it will not cost you too much, and adding the wall is much easier then removing it. Maybe it is good idea, first to add toilet and then build the wall?

Living Room TV wall: It is like Poliform Daylight system, but you should made it on your self. I put all 3 functions in one wall, dinning, TV and home working.
Besides it is very usefull, it also looks great, at least for me.

Thanks for reading and for watching


Wardrobe, Poliform Bangkok

Bed, Poliform Bolton Bed

Bed, Poliform dream bed

Poliform Kelly, Night bed table

Wall hanger, Porada Double

Floor Hanger,Porada Sir Bis

Bench, Poliform, Home hotel bench

Bedside table, Poliform Soori

Sofa, Luis Sofa, B&B Italia

POLIFORM. Yard coffee table


DuraStyle Two-piece toilet

DuraStyle Bidet floor standing

DuraStyle Washbasin, furniture washbasin compact

X-Large Vanity unit wall-mounted / DuravitX-Large 21-5/8" Wall Mounted Vanity Unit

Duravit X-Large

Duravit Bathroom Karree accessories

Miloox samoi

Nuno by Nen

Hanging Lamp Makula Gold by Kare

Ay Illuminate Hanging lamp May natural bamboo o95cm

Parquet, Super Natural Classic - 5541 Bedrock Oak



96013 Carlentini, Province of Syracuse, Italy