Dear Cient,

Thank you for the very interesting project and the opportunity to design it.

The design was made keeping in mind the spirit of the original architect to create a “vertical forest” and develop it even further by incorporating the forest into the daily life of your family, the inhabitant. It was done by opening some of the wall, attach the forest onto it, and then orient the living spaces towards the “forest”, all done while maintaining the original building envelope as much as possible.

The bedrooms for the children are distributed equally on the 1st and 2nd floor facing south to enjoy the sun all year long, the wall facing south are removed, and planter box are attached creating a garden in front the bedrooms. A 3rd floor is added to house the master bedroom providing a 180-degree view towards the neighborhood, and also a roof garden.

“Co-living area”
Living and dining room are placed on the ground floor to enjoy the full extent of the exterior. Some of the walls are replaced with full-height and full-width windows adjacent to where the “forest” were created. The forest will provide privacy to the living space. In the ground floor, additional beams are added so that it could be opened to create one big living room and dining room.

In the living room, a pair of door open fully to the south facing a reflecting pool, and when they are open, there is really no telling of where the outside stop and the inside begin.

The old stairs is demolished and replaced with a new winding stair, adding lightness and openness in the interior in contrast with the hard and masculine appearance of the exterior. The stairs also adds character in the interior space, as the twisting structure of the stairs is a sculpture in itself.

“Co-wellness” and “Co-working” area
The closely affiliated activity with the same atmosphere are contained in the same floor. Wellness activity including gym, spa, and relaxation and meditation space are on the 1st floor. Secondary skin is attached on the terrace, and by doing this the gym and relaxation space could be fully open. The secondary skin would provide not only privacy but also gentle light towards the interior.

On the 2nd floor there is a media room, a library where a small meeting or private study could be held. The ante room before the media room is a multi function space that serves as a game room and also a formal-relaxing area for guests.

Electric vehicles are steadily developing and there is no doubt that in the near future it would be the majority of the transportation that people use. In preparation to the coming future, a basement with electrical charging station is proposed. Considering the limitation of the site, the access to the basement is proposed via a hydraulic lift and a turntable to maneuver the garage.

The basement is of course optional, in which case that it is not constructed, the technical room would share a space with the laundry room.
In keeping with the creation of the vertical forest, the exterior is finished with cement render giving a raw look resembling a rock formations, with plants growing in its cracks and crevices.

The trees are strategically placed so everywhere you look around and at every pathway your gaze would would be focused towards one of them. The chosen trees are a mixed of fruit, evergreen and deciduous trees that will change the color of the house as the season change.

I hope that the idea is clear and satisfy your expectation, not only as a dwelling space but also as a "co-living", "co-wellnes" and "co-working" space. I am looking forward to perfecting the concept so that it will suit your need even more.

Kind regards,

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