belonging is perhaps a concept that can be called a summary for the most in which we live.
living in a place for a long time makes it easier for us to belong there.these places where we live start to take place in our memory and memory.Not only ours but also the people who live around us take their places in their memories.In the project, the structure has a strong identity.
Built in 1961 or projected, the building has a strong brutalist style.We tried to add a more modern brutalist comment without completely destroying this powerful style in the project.
we have interpreted our facade interpretation according to these sections by taking the ladder separating the structure into two wings.Completely natural materials were used in the building interior.You can see the materials in detail in the finish plans.
we only tried linoleum and epoxy in the car park and gym grounds.
Linoleum was coated to ensure that the gym was free from healthy germs.Epoxy coated to make the car park a hard and durable floor.
We removed the differences in the elevations in the building ground level.we have taken all our entrances and landscapes to the road level.
we have gained a more accessible space.
We added the glass elevator to the front of the stairs.This makes it easier to access the stairs or elevators from the entrances.
we hope you like our project.

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