Dear client,
Once again, thank you for this challenging competition!
I developed my design proposal by following your design brief. The main purpose of the design is to create spaces where everyone can come together or have private zones inside or outside. This purpose is combined with contemporary touches in terms of style, materials and out of the ordinary design approach.
Here is a link where you can download a video animation of my design proposal.
A barbeque area with dining table, A jacuzzi with sunbeds and shaded relaxing area, 3 more zones where there are chairs and hammock to socialize or have a private time.
(Ground floor)
On this floor, you can find Co-Wellness area/Sport/Pantry areas…
I placed Home Theater Room where the old garage is. It has a nice big area with comfortable 4 large sofas but extendable with more seats, of course. Next to it, there is a home gym separated with glass. Technical room and laundry are next to each other just outside of the home theater.
Sauna, 2 showers, sink area, steam room, bathroom, and an indoor pool are located opposite side of the ground floor.
(First floor)
On this floor, you can find Co-Living area/Kitchen/Multipurpose zone…
Open living room consists of a large 2 spaces next to each other to enjoy and come together.
Opposite side to the Co-Living area, there are kitchen, a dining zone, and a breakfast zone. Between two spaces, there is a multipurpose zone where you can enjoy a book or have a conversation. This floor has the greatest natural light with open and fresh areas.
(Second floor)
On this floor, you can find the Co-Working area, Bedrooms, Bathroom, Reading Corner…
The co-working area is located on this floor where the bedrooms are. Especially when finishing an exhausting work, it is good to have a bed near. :)
There are 4 separate areas where you can work individually, or you can share the desks next to the big windows. There are 2 more desks inside the teenagers’ bedrooms if they prefer to work in their private zones. Next to the boys’ bedrooms, there is an unexpected area with cushions where one or a team can spend time.
I enjoyed designing this home, I hope you enjoy it too.
Best Regards,

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