Our concept is sublimity of nature - embracing the surroundings, insisting on natural and high tech materials. Transparency creates a space where the family can experience nature more completely and intimately. A strong bond between external and internal spaces is created by infusing nature into the house as a way to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.
In order to preserve and give value to existing architectural elements, we kept the existing “vertical forest”, balcony and cut away roof. We put the bedrooms on the 2nd floor, so it will be private and the family can have personal time. At the same time, they also have large spaces – both inside and outside – to share and enjoy the co-living and co-working space area on the first floor, as well as the co-wellness area on the ground floor.
We took architectural elements like wooden louver, both fixed and foldable, for enhancing the existing façade. We also changed the existing spiral stairs into straight stairs to create a more efficient space, and to create more space beside the stairs for nature inside the house.

Since we only can upload 6 render images, you can find the rest of the renderings image here :

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