Dear Client,

I use this opportunity to present my design and explain design thoughts implemented in this project.
Respecting your detailed briefing and numerous raised questions during the contest,I defined several design guidelines to follow:

STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS - I decided to keep existing structural elements in their place. I beleive demolishing of existing structural elements may have significant negative impact to overall house stability with unpredictable outcome.

GARAGE - I beleive removing vehicles from ground surface will significantly improve house appearance from all available angles including streets. My motto here was "cars in the ground,people on the ground". This way all available unbuilt property surface will be used for hard and soft landscape.

BASEMENT - new basement will include storage,ironing,laundry and maid's room.The maid's room can also be guest's room for short stay since it has its own shower,basin and toilet.New basement is predicted under the part of the house where dead and active loads reach their minimums,i.e. hall and corridor areas. New basement also has a courtyard with cypress tree connecting basement and entrance at ground floor into unique architectural element.

VERTICAL GARDEN - vertical garden is located at the north facade. Beside the fact it will create very pleasant enviroment for barbeque events,it will also significantly improve thermal insulation at northern side of the building. Northern facade is designed with minimum window openings in order to prevent heat loss on the most problematic side of all buildings during the winter period.

FIREPLACE AND SPA - these 2 spaces are divided with foldable glass partition and in the summer they become single space.

NATURAL LIGHT - I strongly beleive that partial removal of existing terraces at west facade will also remove massive shades and allow natural light to penetrate the house in its central part.

PLANTS - are chosen to be decorative or provide shade,not invansive and easy sustainable keeping in mind humid climate where they need to grow.

FENCE MADE OF GABIONS - gabions are becoming more and more popular because of their simplicity,natural look,low cost, easy and fast installation.This were reasons I've chosen them for new fence.

Materials chosen for the facades are stucco,stone,wood,concrete. All of these materials are broadly available,natural and not complicated for installation.

I hope you will enjoy my design ideas and thank you for giving us opportunity to participate in this interesting contest.