The main concept of this project is to create a seamless connection with internal and external spaces, and reinterpret the concept of limit in a contemporary style.
To achieve this concept several elements was used, such as:
Open to sky courtyards
Two internal Courtyards was created in second floor ( one in Co-working area and the other in Co-wellness area) that bring nature to the interior and also help to bring daylight into the internal spaces.
The existing terraces with small modifications and sophisticated planter boxes were used as extension of the interior spaces.
Indoor plants
Indoor plants were used in different locations to give a natural aspect to the interior such as the one that used as a partition between living room and TV area in ground floor.
Floor to ceiling windows
The glass provides an infinity effect. In addition, it’s easier for natural light to come in and shines the entire interior.
Integration between materials used inside and outside such as wood,stone and marble helps to create a seamless connection with internal and external Spaces.

The project is developed in three levels to achieve the contemporary requirements of modern living and working, with minimum modifications on building structure. The Co-living area will be on the ground floor so it can be opened to the landscape and pool with relax sitting area. On first floor there is the three bedrooms that have direct access to the outside through two outdoor stairs.The second floor contains Co-working area and Co-wellness area with external Jacuzzi. A glass elevator will added to the building not only to achieve comfort aspect but also to have a direct axis to the co-working area if there is guests.
we prefer not to use the courtyard to park the cars specially there is another private parking area adjacent to the building to increase vegetation and the green spaces.
we prefer to keep the main stair with change finishing materials and use glass handrail instate of the current one.
The ground floor height will be increased to become 3.00 meter by excavate the existing floor to be suitable for co living area.
Natural and high-quality materials such as wood, stone and marble are selected in interior and elevation design.

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