The Villa /1961/ by Tuscan architect Chiasserini is an inspirational architectural building to reconstruct and modification with the architectural design of the present time.
Vertical forest as a light motif of architectural design.
An architecture that, like trees, strives for light and grows in volume.
The vegetation element covered with vegetation simulates the growth of volume that frames the roof terrace where views open, closer to the sky.
Floor design is an architectural game of transparent and opaque in the belt of vertical vegetation staining the borders outside and inside giving the impression of staying in the tree canopy.
The ground floor of the house plunges into the ground like a tree and evokes the base of a vertical forest where vegetation and nature are more intensively lush, shadows and light alternate and towards them different gardens.
Privacy dominates and opens opportunities for various activities/SPA.GYM itc./.
Dominant water element / pool, fountain / with its position and shape evokes the natural source that feeds the forest.
Architectural materials correlate with vegetation. Vertical wooden facade elements resemble tree bole, as they carry vegetation and provide sublimated privacy

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