Dear client,
Thank you for the amazing opportunity. I created a short animation of your house to feel the space better.
I also created a virtual reality tour around co living ,co working and master area.
The very first idea for this project was to keep the authenticity and identity of the building in order to respect architects point of view. Besides the volume of the building is really modern and contemporary it just needed simplification and modifying to show it perfectly. Based on the needs you mentioned in the briefing the amount of space that is needed is enough. Therefore, I didn’t add any space except the glass elevator which is added to the building to facilitate access to the floors.
Facade: the structure is kept and has been simplified with engineered wood and fibre cement panels. These materials are energy efficient and resistant to temperature and frost which makes them ideal for your project. In places that more privacy was needed you have shades and flexible facade to control both light and the privacy. In full glass facade the privacy can easily be controlled by curtains (please see the interior renders)
2 concrete walls are green walls that refresh the atmosphere. You also have an extensive green roof which acts as an insulation for the second floor and the plants grow only by absorbing the rain water.
The section perfectly shows how the whole system of the house works. You can access common spaces and sleeping areas through the elevator and the interior stairs. There are also 2 outdoor stairs that ease the access directly to the co living areas.

Common spaces
-Co wellness area
This area is located on the south wing on the ground floor to let the space to blend with the outdoor area with a glass sliding pivoting doors. This allows you to have maximum connection with the outside
The massage table is next to the internal stairs as it has a spa like atmosphere.
This is where showers, bathroom and locker for changing clothes are located.
The home theatre has 2 entrances. One is from the entertainment area which let them use the bathroom. The other access is from the outside that prevents disturbance of the people in the wellness area. There’s also a closet for clothes in the entrance.
Bar: this space is added because I think it’s better to have bar to drink in this area after sauna or anything else.
The indoor Jacuzzi: this place is located in the corner with the view of outside.
Sauna/steam room: this area has two types of seating in term of heights. To let you sit or lie down.
Gym: this area is between the indoor Jacuzzi and the garden so as well as refreshing you mind you can refresh your body too.
The relaxing are: you can relax after exercising or anything else.

-Co living area
This area is located on the first floor south wing of the building. This part of the building is totally ideal for co living area because of the accessibility and the high ceiling.
If you enter the building from the northern entrance you face stairs that lead you directly to the living area on the first floor. Which is ideal for hosting parties and family gatherings. This area is easily accessible from all areas through interior stairs, glass elevator and even directly from the terrace.
In this area there’s an entry closet and a guest bathroom for people using that area.
The large living room has enough space for watching TV or for guests.
In this level, the kitchen is located above the wellness area in the south. The kitchen is facilitated with microwave, oven, a built in coffee maker, built in fridge freezer, and a built in dish washer. One of the cabinet doors is a hidden door that leads to a small pantry. This pantry also guides you to the outdoor dining and barbecue area to make it easier for you to enjoy parties.
In this level you have 2 dining areas. One of them is a six seater dining for family use and the other is 10 seater formal dining area for guests. The latter can directly reached from glass elevator or the terrace. The glass sides of this area and the view of palm tree in the court yard makes it surreal.

-Co working area
Home office: this place is furnished in a way to be used for informal meetings or solitary working or studying. In here you have a desk and a 2 seater sofa and an arm chair for small meetings.
The guest room: I added this room to this area to give your guest who are staying the night to feel welcomed. This room has a closet and a private bathroom for more convenience. By using this room for your guests you will also have a your privacy in your rooms.
Formal relaxing area for guests: this area can be used either for business meetings or for hosting people in a very formal atmosphere.

Private sleeping areas:
Master bedroom: this room has all it takes to provide convenience for the owners. It has a huge bathroom with a separate toilet bidet area and a twin shower sauna like part. The bathroom is also equipped with a bathtub and double sink. The room next to the bathroom is the walk in closet. This area is huge have his and hers closet. There’s also a dressing table here. This area has also a huge glass wall that makes beautiful. The main room is big enough to place a king size bed in center. Small seating are also provided in this area. Master terrace is also big enough and it is divided by a huge sliding doors. A perfect space for the morning coffee. There is also a private seating area right next to the room that makes it easier for the parents to directly access the room by elevator or stairs.
This area is also close to co working area and to the co living area by stairs and glass elevator.
The boy’s sleeping area: this area is located on the first floor. Both rooms have a direct access to outside through the terrace and stairs that lead to the front door. Each room is accommodated with a private bathroom and a walk in closet. There’s also a common area that boys can share together or with their friends that i furnished with a sofa bed to let their friends stay the night over. I also think of this room as a game room to play video games or anything that they would enjoy to do. This area is totally self-sufficient and it has easy access to co living area.
The wall has a frameless swing push door in it to make the wall look as clear as possible.

Service area
In this area the covered parking area and a technical room with direct access to the outside in case of emergency exists. There’s also an entrance beside the garage door that is for worker’s use. In this area there’s a bathroom locker for changing clothes, storage and laundry exists in order not to violate both the residents and workers privacy.
Outdoor areas
The outdoor entertainment area continues from the wellness area to the outside that unites both space together and in case you need more space it eliminates the borders of inside and outside.
There’s an outdoor Jacuzzi in the design as well as the indoor Jacuzzi to give you maximum pleasure during summer. You will also have outdoor showers and sun beds to relax. This space is protected from the view by the wall and also By the lady palm trees that create a shield to provide the privacy you want.
On the other side you will have a barbecue and an outdoor dining area to gather the whole family at weekends. The seating area also was created to let you relax. I also designed a vegetable garden right next to this area to use the products for cooking.
Rather than that if you felt you need to communicate with the kitchen you can directly use the stairs through the kitchen.

I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves.
Hope you enjoy.