Idea :

After reviewing the requirements and favorites of the homeowner
and And consider the limitations, I realized that if I destroyed the central corridor space,
the center of the house would open and nature would penetrate into it.
Like a monument in which nature penetrates over time.
After the removal of the corridor, it was divided into three parts: east, west and south.
After reinforcing the balcony communication space and focusing more on the spiral staircase,
I achieved a new vertical and horizontal segmentation.
Private spaces, however, were separated from each other and centered on communal spaces.
Despite the eastern and northern accesses, the workspace site and the bookstore and guest room were designed in the north.
The spa was moved to the ground to honor the identity of the building ,In order not to create new space on the villa.
After finishing the design process I was also surprised by the design.
A building that, once nature enters, is like a vertical forest that can be enjoyed anywhere.
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