The main idea was to keep the main architectural elements- stairs and balconies and to develop a new opened plan within the form.
Good orientation gave me the opportunity to free stairs in glass on the south side, as well as solar panels on the green roof, which are main elements that can lead towards sustainability of the house. The main challenge for me was how to bring nature in the home. The idea is to open the view towards nature, to free the space and open it. The main opening in the core of the building divided the home into two functional parts, which was ideal for functions that were required. On the south side, we have a living area and on the north side, we have a working area. On the upper floors, functions are divided by the levels, the first level is bedroom area and co-living space and on the second one wellness and fun area. Finally, we enter the third floor where the green roof is developed, its south side is bio solar roof with PV panels, and on the north side, we have an open fun zone.
Besides creating open space, the focus was also on keeping the materials that defined the old home- such as brick and concrete elements, as well as a wooden vertical element in the stair zone. Following that path, a new home presents a combination of natural materials, wood and brick, and also new glass elements that are developed in order to bring nature closer into the interior.

I am truly glad for being a part of this contest. It was a beautiful path in designing the new home by keeping the old beautiful elements and highlighting them. It was a real pleasure and an enjoyable assignment. Wishing you all the best!

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