Concept & Distribution

The project developed around the idea of fluidity, where the traditional spaces and functionalities evolved to adapt to the contemporary way of living of the family.

The aim of the design is to elevate the original features of the building, emphasised by the client and considered important to keep the nature of the building itself and at the same time completely renovating and evolving them according to the modern way of living.

The strongholds are:

The relationship with the garden, both at ground floor and upper/lower levels

The blurred limit between interior and exterior, dilating the space

The main stair as a pivot connecting the different areas of the house

The design aimed to define and simplify the volumes, giving the building a sense of unity and make clear its function of a private home at first sight.

Regarding the shapes, the southern volume was slightly reduced and remodelled, in order to give more brightness and sunlight to the back volume and patio. The balconies of the first floor where removed and transformed in a walkable terraced garden.

The option of adding a fourth floor was discarded in favour of creating a basement with the spa&gym area, creating a private and elegant corner, developing the terraced garden at this level as well.


The entrance to the plot was maintained on the southern façade, where a formal staircase runs parallel to the South façade, while terraced steps conduce to the patio and the independent entrances for the sons.

The formal staircase leads to the first floor, where the co-living area is placed and revolves around a patio, created by elevating the ground floor area.

In this way, the co-living area acquires the best position in terms of sunlight and view, while keeping direct access to the garden through the patio, connected by terraced steps to the south exposed the garden.

The vestibule facing the patio hosts the original staircase with a double-height library, which works as a fil-rouge connecting the different areas.

The first floor is completed by a generous pantry, storage room, laundry room with a balcony, elevator and a guest toilet.

All the walls facing the patio have floor to ceiling windows, which, during warm months, can be opened to create one big open space and during cold months maintain a visual connection between the kitchen, the living and the formal dining area.


The terraced steps lead directly to the patio or to the independent access to the two son’s sleeping areas, located in the northern volume. Also, both bedrooms can be accessed from the main house hall.

The master bedroom finds its place on the southern façade and is accessible through the main entrance of the house.

A smaller guest bedroom is located next to the master bedroom, on the eastern façade. The first floor is completed by a small studio – which also allows all the members of the family to access the terrace.


The co-working area was placed on the ground floor to guarantee calm and privacy. Direct independent access allows visits from clients and the north-west orientation provides ideal light conditions for working.

On the southern part of the ground floor, there is the leisure area, with the relax room, directly connected to the garden and the barbecue area, the cinema room and a home-bar.

A bathroom in the hall can be used both by the leisure are and working area occupants.

A technical room is located in the northern part, behind the coworking.


By creating a patio in the central portion of the first floor, this area on the ground floor has a reduced height, due to the necessary space for the roof garden.

For this reason, the spa area and the gym are moved one level below the ground floor, creating an ulterior hidden garden space in front of the gym, with the outdoor jacuzzi. The spa area hosts an indoor jacuzzi, a relax area, a sauna and a Turkish bath.

Material and finishes

The house presents its self as a modern nest for a fluid family. The interior design is characterized by minimal lines but whit natural materials. The floor finishing is mostly in marble (Gris Zarci marble stone) or in wood.

The exterior is in white plaster, with wooden brises Soleil orientated to protect the house from the sun and generate a sense of privacy all around the house.


Solar photovoltaic panels are placed on the roof of the building, while a heat pump system is used for the a/c.

Exterior insulation and finish system with 10 cm cork insulation panel are added around the house, while a flat roof with cellular glass mineral insulation.

A geothermic system is previewed as co-generation for thermal energy.