We are encouraged to attempt to this competition because of the original building and the potential, which it has to convert for using as a modern house.

The challenge of this project was how to face with the original design. Because of the original design’s strong character, we tried to keep as much as possible to show how we respect the original design and the architect.
The main problem was the form of original plan, which was linear. In this case, we needed to separate the plan to the two parts of public and private and some spaces needed in between.

In linear form of plan for the best result, we decided to put entrance at center to have better access to both side spaces and best result for dividing public and private parts. In addition, in original design, we can see two massive boxes in both sides and one transparent box for corridors and connections. We kept this idea, made the corridors facade even more transparent with glass curtain walls and made the entrance at this junction box at first floor. To reach this point the continuous balcony at first floor needs to cut out and make an opening to determine the steps going up to the main entrance.

Because of street sides, natural light matters, and the way we wanted to bring green view to the house, we decided to put public spaces at south part and private spaces at north side of the entrance access. In this case, we can open public spaces to have a modern house with the most green view and natural light coming to the house.
When we checked out all needs of project and the proportion of the existing building, we decided to make an addition to the house. The addition can expand from three sides; adding a new level, addition to the north or south part existing house. Because of the main concept, which was keeping the original house, we decided not to add any floor to the existing building. In addition, in north part of the building, there was not much space and it can cover the view of neighbor building and north part of the house. Therefore, we decided to make new addition to south of the existing house where there was more land left and use north part for pool and Jacuzzi, which they need more private space.

At first floor, we narrow down the corridor of second floor to have double height foyer at entrance. Toilet and guest’s closet is located right next to the entrance and master bedroom complex at the end of corridor and at north side of first floor.
Kitchen, Dining room and living room are located after each other at south side the entrance corridor. We also have the existing staircase going up and down. We kept this element with small changes like railing detail and wall-colors. We used glass railing and white color next to the brick walls.

Because we are dealing with modern life style, kitchen should connect to dining and living rooms directly. Therefore, we change the location of kitchen to the south part as a public space. In addition, it is like a better place for kitchen to work with public and private spaces and have a better access to the main entrance and reachable from service area and second entrance without interrupting other spaces. We kept and reuse old fireplace as an old-style oven at kitchen.
Dining room connect to kitchen directly and there is built-in wine cellar and a large window to the west balcony with a cozy sitting area next to the window.

Living room is located at new addition part of the house. It is a double height room with full height windows at south and a new brick fireplace. Living area is located three steps down from main level to separate from dining and feel more royalty. There is small balcony in front of living room at south part, which is cutting the direct view from street. In addition, there is a furnished balcony located at west side, which is also reachable from kitchen with an outside fireplace to use all seasons. We did small changes on railings of this balcony to look like more transparent and follow the new look idea.
The master bedroom complex includes a full walk-in closet for his and she, a bathroom includes double sink vanity, bathtub and separated shower and toilet, a rest area and a main bedroom area with north and west side windows.

At second floor, there are two full bedrooms at north part, a semi-detached study room, theater room and a game/lounge room, which is open to the living room area and it is suitable for kids to play together.
There is an uncovered staircase at north part of building, which connects bedrooms to the outside directly.

At ground floor on the north side there is a sport facility space includes gym, pool, Jacuzzi, saunas and showers. We kept the mechanical room where it was before.
On the south side, we have main game room and office area, which is, includes relaxing area and main office area with a private bathroom and a private access to the outside.
Because we deleted parking area and changed the location of main entrance, we did small changes on yard and walls around. We tried to keep the main form for walls with new location of openings. We raised up the south yard soil for new trees in front of living room window. We kept the idea of green walls and put new plants to look more natural and green.
We chose striped form for facade of the new additional on south part and new facade for joint part where the new main entrance is and on new railing details as a signature of the new addition of project. In addition, we continued this linear railing to the ceiling of balconies to have more green layers on the facade of building.

Finally, we are so proud to help you out to keep the existing house with architectural values and turn it to a functional home for new modern lifestyle.

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