(please see two pages illustrating the design concept in the upload files):

The new space of the house is formed by a formation of living/sleeping cocoons / pods adjacent to each other. The existence
of these pods forms a new definition and relationship for the space between them., where it can be so fluid and transparent
during the active social time - connecting all living and sleeping spaces; yet it dissects the activity spaces to create extreme privacy for
the family members when they need it.

The in-between space has characteristics that changes through time following the changing light and shadows
throughout the day. Functioning as hallways and gallery, it is also a place to converse, meet, interact, where people
will pass each other. This area is full of fresh air circulation, but yet protected by wooden louvres as privacy shading
which can be closed in winters or during cold night. This is also the point where connection between
outdoor and indoor is totally seamless, where people can relax and communicate with nature...

The ground level / Piano Terra, Entertaining level. : Co-working/study and co-wellness area. These two zones are considered as spaces that can be enjoyed by members of family as well as guests, forming a large indoor-outdoor entertaining area. Therefore these zone have exposure and larger interface on the ground floor to expand into landscape seamlessly.

Piano Primo, family gathering level / Co-living: This area is exclusive for family members, consisting of kitchen, dining, as well as living / great room for family gathering. This upper level serves as intermediate space between sleeping rooms and the entertaining zone below.

Piano Secondo: is for private bedrooms area and master suite

New area after demolition and reconstruction: 634 MQ (three floors including balconies)

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