Hello Dear Client!

First of all, I would like to tell, that designing your interior, was great pleasure for me!
As I found your future home, very warm and with family feelings.
Despite, I think that image tells 1000s of words, I would write let some words.

The beds are not "kids", but just common wooden bed. Why? Because, for the few years you will buy another beds.
Why should you do that? Instead of that, I suggest to use bed like GUEST BED by ZEITRAUM, and to get kids mood by cushions, etc...
There is a ballet mirror machine, along with piano! So, you can make your own showes, I hope you like it!
I suggest you to buy already made hallway furnitere, instead of custom made "under stairs" furniture. Why?
Simple, if you do not like it, you can change it, easily, your costs will be much lower, than making own.
You should go with custom made, in this case, from the floor to ceiling.
For the breakfast time, you have to slightly change the walls, to provide space for the table.

Thanks for watching!
I hope you will enjoy your interior!