At the entrance, the wall of the bedroom is moved back 20cm: in this way there is enough space for a clothes and shoe rack. The door of the bedroom now opened on the corridor, so the room has more privacy and there is more space for the kitchen.
The focus in the living area are the wooden screen separators. This is a perfect decoration piece, while creating a latticed wooden screen. The space available behind the wooden screen becomes more animated. From certain angles, it disappears or comes more visible, depending on the eye position. It also work as stair screen and, with the manifactured shelving boxes, it can be used to store and show off your books and stuff. The shelving boxes are made of black painted wood and a glass back, with the same design of the racks in the corridor.
The sofa is ispired to the famous Mah Jong, designed by Hans Hopfer: it is a tufted french cushion, placed directly on the concrete step all along the wall. It looks like a mattress and its button tufted surface provides quite a soft, comfy sitting. You can also easily do the cushion by yourself.
The kitchen area and the porch area has the same concrete floor, so with opened door, it looks like an unique space. In the porch area there are two concrete benches, running along the planters, so you can use this space for relax or for an outdoor dinner party.
On the left, there is a small indoor/outdoor planter, whit gravel floor, that create a continuity between the two space.
Under the stair, there is the dogs area.
At the first floor we find the same wooder separator, and in the family hall there is space for piano and a relaxing / reading area.