Dear Client,
You can watch a sort animation of the court yard in this address:
Firstly thank you for your beautiful and fun project. This is my proposal for designing the entrance and the court yard. I hope you watch the video on youtube because it gives you the whole idea of how it would look like. Rather than that to see my ideas better I rendered both day and night to explore the space better.
Secondly, I need to mention some facts in order to clarify design. I removed the parking in the entrance to make the space more welcoming. By changing the angle and by shifting the parking lower the extra space for the last car was created.
Thirdly the sign is a combination of channelume light to make it stand out in day or at night. As you don’t have enough space to grow plants horizontally, the best solution is to have vertical gardens or living wall, though flower boxes are located in places as much as possible.
Finally, in this design steel glass concrete wood is combined properly to improve the quality of the design.
Hope you enjoy

Entrance And Courtyard


Cagliari, Province of Cagliari, Italy