Dear client,
Thank you for the opportunity. As you said that you need these renderings to convince the owner. Therefore, rather than the renders and the material references, I created a short animation of various angles to let you understand the project fully. Download the link below for high quality video:
The key for a successful design in this project is to work on 2 aspects: aesthetics and energy efficiency.
Aesthetically, I designed the facade to look minimal and efficient. Basically, the volumes of the current building gives it an architectural identity. So it just needs a little simplifying the step view of it. It needs a bit updating.
Green walls can be a great feature to beauty and they can also insulate the walls. The green wall keeps the warm air in it that acts as a protection for the heat loss. Besides, the green walls next to the terraces allows the residents to have their own vertical vegetable garden which is a blessing in modern busy urban areas.
Energetically, the building is going to be updated with high efficiency materials such as fiber cement and engineered wood to prevent heat loss. The flexible facade lets the residents to control the light and the heat that sun spreads. These moveable shutters have plenty of options fully closed fully opened or semi open/ closed or any other option that you can imagine. They are controlled by being on a rail so they are free to move based on your desires. Some of the options are viewed in the renderings.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves.
Hope you enjoy.

Time Always Goes By..


Paderno Dugnano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy