Hello to Perlage,

I must admit that work on your future winery, did really pleasure to me. If it is visible, I will be very happy. I will try to give some written explanation, although almost everything is clear trough images.

1. PARKING Personally I would strictly avoid any kind of line work marking the parking slots, on the ground. Why? At the first, this may sound strange, but it is not, perhaps.
Well, drawing the all those lines for the parking slots will make your lot looking like some public parking. And the most of time it will be utilized at 100%. From my point of view those lines will make your yard very ugly.
Then, how to organize the parking? Simple, via movable planks, which I called "hangers".
They have 2 positions. Open up, when the parking slot is occupied, and closed, when it is free. Hanger position, angle and shape, draw the parking place in the space.
Every driver will recognize this, especially with some of your cars, always parked.
And this little innovation will make your space unique and more interested, among other wineries.
I suggest you also, to replace the ground cover with stone with more rough look instead of current damaged asphalt.

I tried to make some mix of Tuscany look facade with the touch of modern building. I hope I made it in a way you like it. Basically, the most of light is coming from the front face of building, which is good for the winery shop in the ground and meeting room on the first floor, but what about other rooms? They are not lit very well? Well, they are lit just as they need. Offices do not need natural light, even they have some. Most of work will be done via PC, and they will not spent 8 hours seating, but moving around. Presentation room also does not need too much light. Warehouse, too.
The main white frame, on the front face of the building should be equipped with linear LED light source to make the iconic view during the night.
Also, the rough is cut out to the wall, to make more traditional look and to make with linear shape on front face of the building.

It is old style venetian basement with look and feel of home. 3 columns are expanded so they look now like 3 small walls, and they accept big table, small kitchen, cashier place and touch screen at entrance. When you come in, the first thing you will find is big info touch screen placed on the first column, along the Perlage logo above it.
The opposite, last column in winery, holds the cashier place, while the kitchen and table are between. Vine bottles are exposed, like in some gallery, in the canvas frames, as the every vine is unique, so it have to be treated as art itself. Currently there are enough frames to hold all your products, but you can add more in the future if you wish.

The winery with small kitchen and stairs, warehouse, WC /regular and disabled one/, lift, VIP Lounge room are placed at the ground floor. I added VIP Lounge room, for tasting the vines with your closest friends, family or business partners. It is well hidden with its own exit to outside. So it can be very very useful for making new contracts or relaxing after hard day. Also, it can be used as conference room for your employees. Entrance is below the stairs, near WC.
First floor
Lift, offices, stairs and WC are placed in the middle of first floor, so visitors of meeting room and waiting room do not interfere with each other. Meeting room does not need so much natural light, so I placed the waiting room at most attractive place in the house, and that is the front face. So, visitors may enjoy in the view.

Best Regards!

* - Guests, who are coming into upper floor, do not need to pass through winery shop, instead of that, there are 2 exit doors, at the middle of the house, on the longer sides, near the stairs. They can used also as emergency exit.

** - STAIRS, I wanted to make them invisible, as guests did not come to your winery to look awesome designers stairs, but to taste your wine. Therefore, wine should have not competitor in visual therms.

New Store For Perlage Wines


31010 Farra di Soligo, Province of Treviso, Italy