Following ideas are implemented in proposed design solution for the OUR BRAND NEW LIVING ROOM:
Double sided shelves placed on partition wall detach and, at the same time, visually connect hallway with the living room, and make the space appear as one room without level correction of the existing lower partition wall H 60. Also, sofa has low backs for the same reason. Movement connection among the wooden porch and hallway, dining room as well as staircase is achieved through the living room by carefully choosing dimensions and position of the furniture. (Take a look at the Visual and Movement connection scheme drawing.)

Furniture composition placed on the stone cladding wall is minimalistic in order to put the cladding texture in the front, instead of the furniture. Wooden porch, together with the stone cladded wall and the fireplace, link naturally. By making a link between natural indoor and outdoor spaces, more friendly and relaxed ambiance is achieved, which is the main goal of this part of the house. Finishings, materials and colors are thoughtfully chosen in order to achieve cozy and friendly atmosphere with the rounded shapes for child safety. (Take a look at the Furnished Plan drawing.)
Composition made of two coffee tables is chosen instead of one big table for relaxation in front of the tv. They can be separated, as well - one in front of the sofa and the other next to the armchair. This place is the central point of the living room and it is the reason why armchair is different shape and color. Wall covered in photographs is kept as is, because it is on the perfect location already.

Lighting solution (Take a look at the Ceiling Plan with Lighting Distribution drawing). The existing L-shaped substituted ceiling (marked with number 1) is a great way to connect two rooms so this same L-shaped substituted ceiling was repeated on the opposite side (marked with number 2). For this purpose, the chosen lighting is similar to that already present in the kitchen. This way, the ceiling and the spot lighting keep the same natural flow throughout the entire ground floor. The armchair was placed next to the led pillar lights with perfect view on the fireplace, wooden porch, tv, sofa and give the light another purpose – usage during relaxation and reading.