Dear client,
Thank you for the beautiful contest. Below there’s a link that you can have a virtual tour around the space.
This is an office with mixed professions. So I decided to create an entrance waiting coworking space that will be representative of all 3 professions. Therefore the 3 colors that were used in those areas represent one of the jobs as a result.
For the design, I know that you asked for one type of furniture to furnish the rooms. but I recommend you choose at least different desk as it would be more functional and suitable for each profession. So in that case I can guarantee the convenience of you offices.
Attorney’s office: C3 is the space for this profession. This job needs an L shaped desk to have enough storage for files and documents. There will be 2 chairs in front of the desk for clients to have an effect face to face conversation. There’s also a chaise lounge in this room too, either to be used for talking to clients or relaxing during the day. The design needs to have a strong voice to absorb the clients and gain their trust. I decided not to use plain colors in this room and instead add a natural look by using wood marble effect panels and leather to make it look more serious.
The career consultant room: the layout in this room is different in terms of function. In consulting sessions, it is essential for both client and the consultant to be in a convenient place to talk and accept the advice. So there’s a chaise lounge and an arm chair for the consultant. Rather than that, there’s a desk for consultant to work solitary without any intrusion.
Architect room: as an architect, I know very well that my job requires at least one desk for working with pc or laptop and a table to draw sketches and have meetings with clients. In order to avoid chaos, these pieces of furniture are recommended. And also a TV or a screen in front of the table for showing the client the renders or anything that convinces them to love the project.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy.