Conceived as both a single-family home and a setting for home working, entertaining, and events, the residence is organized around multi-directional and multi-level circulation. The interior of the basement consists of a large single space, softly partitioned by two glazing walls with sliding doors. These span the width of the basement and divide its program: office and working space, recreation space such as entertainment, gym, and the garage space with a recycling area. Mechanical spaces are housed adjacent to the garage and face to the backyard. The same design concept was applied to the ground floor to create geometric order of a mudroom, a kitchen with a pantry, a dining area, and a large living area. This level has an open living space quarter with a large sliding door that opens to the terrace garden and a great landscape view. The first floor houses intimate private quarters with one master bedroom and two kids' bedrooms. Topped by a gable roof, the attic suite provides the possibility for future indoor space expansion. For the interior finish, the interior palette of white/light color walls with partly coating with a wooden effect, seamless floor with concrete effect, and glazing transparent walls creates a calm background for custom modern furnishing.

House On Gentle Mountain


00040 Ariccia, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy