The main building/the hotel (we can call it The Big House) is designed based on a double loaded corridor to have the most efficient layout. The axis of the main building is placed in a north-south direction to have each of the room facing a vista. The roof of the main building is carved out and filled with terrace to diminish the image of one massive building and replace it with an image of several houses standing together resembling a village. Not only that the roof terrace will also give some of the room the best view possible from the hotel. All the openings are placed to capture the most of the view.

Guest entry and employee entry is separated by taking advantage of the site slope ensuring the guest of having an uninterrupted experience during their stay. At the entrance, the building will only seems as a one story house, but once the guests are inside they will be welcomed with a spacious space and a grand view in the background. By doing so, the space created between the path of guest and employee entry is used to plant trees to hide the complex from the street and the entrance.

From the entrance, the building will only seem as a two story building and will give an unassuming look of a small cabin nestled in the woods. Only after entering the lobby will the guest experience the true scale of the complex.

The basement 2nd floor is where the main circulation between The Big House and the chalets located, giving access directly to ski route on the west diretion of the site, giving a true ski in / ski out experience.

The chalets are rotated to direct the view the the furthest line of sight and the best view possible, to insert more green spaces between chalets while still placing the chalets close to each other maximizing land use. The zigzagging path will also create the experience of walking in a village.

A video presentation is available at

Mountain Hotel


Tarvisio, Province of Udine, Italy