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You can have a HD video if you want.
The entrance is placed on the most logical and accessible part. Just as you come in the complex there are nice little cottages that will be used as shops and markets that you need there. If you turn to the right there is the parking lot with 50 parking spaces at least. It is very easy to use the parking and to park a car. Also the cars are under constant watch by the main buidlings, not like usual parking lots, which are isolated from the main complex and tend not to fit in it. The main buildings are on that place. Behind one of the main buildings is the spa center. It would be logical for older people, who use spas and mineral baths the most, to be placed near the spa, so that building has places for them to stay. The buildings are made from wood planks, and have the nice, warm wooden shingles as roofing, all in a traditional cottage style. Of course, the landscaping has been planned as well, including many pines, evergreen trees and vivid plants that can withstand winter, both snow and low temperatures. Everything is practical and pretty at the same time.
The 10 houses are placed in a star-like formation. Each one has 4 bedrooms and a lot of space inside and outside. With a swimming pool and a little spa they all have everything so that the guests do not have to go out of the cottages. The cottages are simple and efficient, with no useless additions. The ground floor is made out of stone while the upper floor is from wood, a classic principle in all mountain regions. Logical since stone is heavier. But it gives a nice touch to the cottages. All 10 are the same so they won't be expensive. They are all in the Alpine style.
All have 4 bedrooms, 2 toilets, and a little living room with a kitchenette. Since you said that the interior will be done later, we will do it later. We have already thought where will what room go. And we have made the project with the regulations for the interior. But the interior itself we will do in the next phrase. Of course if you want you can take the project and have someone else do the interior. We do not mind.
There are designer details in the project. Like the little beches that are around a tree. We saved the tree and made it into a bench-pavillion that way. Plus it is cute. There are many circle like gazebos for your guests to enjoy the nature scenery. You can easily expand everything if you want.
Our aim was to create a complex that incorporates the hotel into the beutiful landscape of green and vivid colours, adding the gray tones of the mountain rocks and wooden buildings that mimic the trees. With many small paths and pavillions, the hotel will never be overcrowded and people who aren't skiing or mountaineering will find the hotels parks a wonderful experience, a mix of tradition and nature.

Mountain Hotel


Tarvisio, Province of Udine, Italy