Resort Sole Udinese

Main Objectives: To maintain the integrity of the preservation area and to utilize the landscape and terrain to their fullest.

The project aims to leverage the exquisite landscape of Tarvisio. With the possibility of operating during all seasons, panoramic openings and qualified spaces were created so guests can enjoy the scenery to its fullest potential. The main units were designed to face the most beautiful views.
In the middle of the project’s designated perimeter there’s an area of environmental protection that makes it impossible to create a single block, so in elegant fashion a footbridge is configured connecting both blocks, which should ensue both the preservation area’s integrity as well as mobility for horizontal circulation of the main building.
In order to take advantage of the declivity of the terrain the main building follows its inclination, therefore creating a difference between the blocks. This way the height difference will result in new environments.
The main lobby is located on the central floor, as it is the most compatible level with the street. It also allows access to the second block. The living room, reading room and breakfast room are located on the same floor, the latter separated from the main restaurant, as requested.
The main restaurant is located a level below the main entrance and is expected to provide the hotel’s two hundred guests with the highest gastronomy. The kitchen was designed in such a way as to separate the preparation of meats from vegetables. The restaurant also has a bar with an American counter facing the north façade, allowing guests to appreciate region’s best view while they dine.
A balcony was also designed on the same level as the restaurant in order to accommodate various activities such as children's activities, parties or even fireside gatherings during the coldest days of winter.
At the pool level there are located in the second block the laundry and the building hydraulic room. Since it’s a region that can reach very low temperatures we opted for a very common energy matrix in the region, gas, which heats the boilers distributing pressurized hot water to all radiators.
The project has two heated swimming pools plus a wet sauna and a snack bar for quick drinks and snacks. The Sauna access is provided by a dip in the indoor pool, so it uses the pool water to contain the steam from the sauna.
The project leaves room for a possible expansion plan towards the neighboring land site where more cabins, buildings and sports courts may be built in the future.

Mountain Hotel


Tarvisio, Province of Udine, Italy