Dear client
Firstly I have to mention, I designed this project based on your wish not to change the plan as much as possible. But I also tried my best to create the best design for your taste. here is a virtual tour around the master bedroom and living room and kitchen.
In the basement, I designed a recreational area that all the family can entertain themselves and enjoy the time that they are spending together. The first area is laundry because this location is closest to the ground and first floor and makes it accessible for this function. Then there’s the boiler room and beside that there’s the bathroom facilities. The bathroom area and the shower are two separate space to make it more practical for the people who are using gym or sauna and the ones that are using the cinema room. There’s a locker area that you can have enough storage for towels or any sportswear that you need when using the gym. The sauna is located between the gym and the bathroom with glass walls and doors on each side. So the access is easier for any one whether they wish to use the gym or not.
In TV area you can have a projector with a screen that can be like a cinema room.
On the ground floor, I resized the door through the garden and created a sliding door that leads to the outdoor dining and the garden at the same time. In the living room you have a fireplace as you requested with a TV set on it. In the end of the living area you have convertible console table that extends into a maximum 3 meter dining table. So it would be ideal for you when you are hosting family parties.
When you climb 3 stairs you have the stairs and the guest bathroom. There’s also an entry closet in this area for your guests to put their coats and bags in it. The kitchen area is at the back with an island in the center. It is equipped with integrated fridge freezer, microwave, oven sink stove and integrated dishwasher. The family dining area is created near kitchen for your comfort and it has enough space for family meals.
On the first floor, the master bedroom is located on the left side with its bathroom. The bathroom has a double sink, toilet and bidet and a shower cabin with a seat. Each room on this floor has a closet and enough space for residents. I also added a storage room as you requested.
On the second floor, there’s the guests area. On this floor, you have a desk that can be used as a home office if you needed some quality time for work.
There’s an area that can be used as a walk in closet or storage room whichever you wish. The bathroom is also located on the rip part. On the low ceiling part i put the the bed and the bath tub to make the whole space useful.
Hope you enjoy.

Hope House


20090 Buccinasco MI, Italy

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