The concept of this design is to create a private 6-house townhouse cluster. The cluster compound has a main gate (to enhance security and minimize driveway coverage), has a linear main driveway (made of perforated paving to enhance rainwater infiltration and reduce massive paving), where each house has private access from that linear driveway. All houses enjoys large rear and side gardens, have a basement and 2 level of main living spaces.

Lot A and B are 2-bedroom type houses, while Lot C, D, E, and F are 3-bedroom type houses. Generally, the basement contains a garage and open storage area, the first floor contains and open concept (living-dining-and kitchen area) with additional bathroom and home office room (can be turned into guest room if you have sofa bed or folded-up furniture). The upper floor contains bedrooms and bathrooms for the members of the family (private area).

Approximate area calculation:
- Lot A & B (2-bedroom house): First floor area is 65 square meter, Second floor is 52 sq meter, Total = 117 square meter
- Lot C, D, E & F (3-bedroom house): First floor area is 90 square meter, Second floor is 63 sq meter, Total = 153 square meter

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