Computer Geek Office Concept in Tirana

Starting with the orientation of the building, the organization of the floorplan is arranged with the rooms that needs less light to the north (Meeting room/relaxing room, relaxing room (small kitchen + playroom), man and woman restroom). To the est and south is the main office where the teams, secretary, accountant and 3 entrance-service customers remotely will work. Also 1 manager with a soundproof room will have his workspace to the south.

In the office, each team will work in a office system for 4 people separated with glass partition and metalik frame. They will have plenty of space to work, each office system has 2800x2800 mm. The chairs suggest are working chairs with a relax mechanism.

Close to the entrance hall there are 3 working spaces for 3 entrance and service costumers remotely with an accountant and a secretary nearby. The manager will have his own closed workingspace in a soundproofroom where he can have interviews. The boss desk is situated so it has a view over the whole place, not to far from entrance, close to the meeting room and relaxation room, and it can have his own clients.

At the entrance there is a small area for guests to wait their turn and to relax and a wardrobe.

The meeting room/relaxing room is orientated to north-east. Here can be different activities like meetings, courses, watching films, documentary, instructions, etc., people can relax, stretch or even do indoor activities like aerobic waist twister or stepper fitness machine. The meeting room also can be for guests so it has to be very flexible with the seating system (proposed are at least 3 seating types).

Since the space is not that big the small kitchen and the playroom became one room where people can relax, eat and drink, make cofee, tea, put meals in a frige, play some video games, play football table or similar games. While this room is composed of two to don't waist space it has to be very flexible. There is a locker situated close to the restrooms where employees can put their clothes, sport stuff or bags.This room can have a door or can be open space if it doesn't disturb the working space (as suggested in floorplan).

The two restrooms are orientated on the north-vest side of the building, one for the ladies and one for the men, each of them having a shower as wanted.