an office is the place where those who work there spends the most time of the day. Therefore it must be a place where to work as well as a place where to relax in the freetime. Reflecting on this idea I designed a hybrid space that can be used as a relax area, lunch area and meeting room. It is placed in the center of the office an has two extensions: one can be used as a living room or as a part of the meeting room itself; the other is a little kitchen where the employees can cook simple things or heat up meals.
On the other side there are three bathrooms, one for men one for ladies and one for both with a shower included. The workspace has 15 seats with wide desktops that face south: i chose to put them this way to avoid reflections on the screens. In front of the desktops there is a glass wall that can have your logo drawn on it or can be used as a whiteboard. The glass between the meeting room and the kitchen can be used the same way. In the meeting room i designed a set of 3 tables that can be stockpiled togheter to create space when you have some meeting or conference. The mini kitchen has a high table that continues in the meeting room to have meals with a nice views to the south.
I hope you like it!