I organized the space in a way that might be convenient, dynamic reflecting the identity of your company.
The project takes into account some points:

- The simplicity of the architectonic layout
- Natural light

The architectural layout took into account the indications of existing plants and the type and number of people assigned to a specific job.
The divisions are realized through the combination of glass and full parts; in this way you get natural lighting to the inner part, the spaces visually communicate between them respecting the privacy of each.
Taking into account the sound issues (many people in a single working environment), I organized the three stations for remote servicing of customers in an isolated area which, through of a two meters opening, communicates with the area 6.

- Co-existence of different types of work

The space divisions gave the opportunity to choose between common areas (meeting and relaxation) and working. In this perspective, the relax area and the co-working one, are located at opposite corners; It prevents unintentionally acoustic disturb.
The relax area has to be an area in which we interact, communicate: "coffee corner", composition of armchairs and game tables.
The open space concept is in zone 6, where, thanks to desks that can easily be aggregated or not, you create a bright coworking environment, where the entered products were chosen for their quality and popular use in design office.

- Suitable furniture

The inserted furniture are part of large collections for functional and modern office, well designed, constructed with durable and greener materials that have all the certifications to be used in the workplace.
The desks, for example, offer many possibilities of combinations of shapes, colors and finishes; as well as the ability to be enriched with a wide range of accessories designed to make more comfortable the work.