The proposed design solution aims to renovate and convert rooms on the ground floor of a house in Gloucester, UK. The garage has been converted and in its place created a second entrance to the house, as soon as you enter the door you are in a filter space with closet for storage of clothes, closet etc. ... Then it was created a laundry area where it will host the shower for dogs and their kennels. Taking into account the different height between the environments we have also provided an additional entrance to better connect the rooms of the house. The bathroom has been enlarged and rethought according to modern conveniences. The fireplace area has remained almost unchanged except for an additional bookcase. The dining area, now more airy no longer has a door but a bar area and wine cabinet have been added. From here the living area, the sofa has remained the same as requested, and a central location has been provided to the television cabinet that now extends along the entire wall. The kitchen, respecting the guidelines and tastes of the customer, has been designed specifically for them, wants to be easy and functional with a touch of modernity and elegance, light and visual continuity is respected thanks to a window placed between the two spaces; Added also an opening that allows the fundamental access to the outside just arranged. The storage also serves as a filter space between the kitchen and the dining room, useful and functional.