The main purpose of design is to create an exterior space where “small gardens” create zones that intervene between sitting spaces.

In this way green expands all over the outdoor area and the spaces that are used for the outdoor living are surrounded by plants. This creates a comfortable feeling of being in a natural environment. Furthermore plants create visual filters between spaces. This create flow between spaces while at the same time each space is clearly demarcated.

Firstly, at the front space next to the parking area there is the pool area with its pool lounge. All this spaces is surrounded by plants and by the existing palm trees. Also a small waterfall is proposed at the swimming pool and an exterior douche between the parking and the pool. At continuity, there is a pergola with a big sitting area. At the wall of this area, where there is the technical equipment now, it is proposed a wooden semi-transparent wall and a storage furniture to hide it and reduce its noise. Further down there is another pergola with a dinning table and an exterior kitchen-bbq. Between these sitting areas there is a small garden which creates a visual border and constitutes a nice view for the existing covered “veranta”. At the end there is another small garden which could be planted with vegetables and other plants that could be used for cooking as it is next to the exterior kitchen and dinning area. The outdoor gym is hidden by the wall of the existing covered “veranta”.

As for the material, it is used a light tile with natural stone effect and wood for the pergolas, the semi-transparent dividers and the creation of the existing parking’s box. These materials intend to give a natural feeling at the exterior space. For the fence it is proposed white wood planks that match with the white stone perimetric wall and give a feeling of privacy.

It is designed an outdoor area where each space communicates with the others and at the same time each user can find its own spot to feel comfortable. The switching between green and sitting areas intends to create an holistic approach and feeling of living in the “nature”.

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