I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer my design ideas for your wonderful space.

In this design I felt the most important aspects was giving you storage space in every area, having ample seating for entertainment and keeping the design a very neutral color. The type of design I chose is an eclectic style and it seems works well with your space: mid-century modern, contemporary, rustic, and elegant.

I kept the original brick a neutral tone without knowing the original color. If the brick is not neutral it can be painted as such. I added small bursts of color in the space to give an offset to the neutral pallet. I have enhanced color with abstract art and and pillows ect.

Many pieces of furnishings and cabinetry have legs. For example: the bed sits on four legs instead of sitting directly on the floor. Having the legs creates an illusion of a larger space.

I created the mural viewing area as a point of interest. The concept comes from a museum. The mural can be a painting or framed wallpaper if you are budget conscious.

I wanted to design an area open area for the kitchen and living room with plenty of seating for entertaining purposes as you specified. If you are in the kitchen or sitting in the living area there is ample seating. The mural bench can be moved to the seating area for larger groups. The spotlight metal tripod floor lamp is lighting for the living area and can be turned towards the bookcase for finding a particular book. The ladder is functional as it can be used for finding /placing books and/or plants ect.

I chose the barn doors for the bedroom and bathroom as they are space saving and bring interest to a hall way verses a typical door. As well, in the bedroom there are no windows, so I designed alcoves on the west wall above the bed headboard to mimic windows with a lighting affect.

On the lighting plan I did not specify (in the furniture and fixture pages) the down lights as they are very typical and your contractor can help you choose the type that appeals to you.

There are 38 pages of furnishings and fixtures for your space. For your reference each page will have an item number that will coincide with the furniture floor plan and the lighting plan. Each description has the correct dimensions for each piece and will fit in the space intended. These pages will also show the manufacture, item #, cost, website and image of the piece. If you have questions on any product feel to contact me.

Once again, thank you for providing me with a fun project and I hope you enjoy my design ideas!