The new solution for the loft give a large open space with a good natural illumination with a separate bedroom and bathroom. The style is a mix between industrial and classic design. The more industrial elements like the brick wall on the south wall and the black steel beams opposed to the more classic design objects like the lamp Arco and sober colors of the other walls.
The floor is a wood parquet except in the bathroom and laudry which is marble.

Entering in the loft there is a wardrobe (jackets, coat, shoes) on the right and then there is the living space and although still well illuminated.

The bathroom is inside a structure seems like a box from outside that can be textured differently by the others walls.
Bathroom box is not full height box so allows light to filter on and illuminate the entrance to the loft

Bedroom is characterized by a big walk in closet accessable by double sliding glass doors on both bed sides.
Big library covers the wall of the bedroom.

The living is all open but at the same time can be divided in different areas. The first from the entrance is the TV space with large sofa. This part of the living is a little less illuminated by the wall to makes better to watch TV.

Then there is the kitchen area. The sink is in the cabinet supported by the wall of the bathroom to have plants concentrated in one area. The same for the induction plates with the tv wall.

Finally there is a relaxing area with armchairs and chaise longue for reading and listening to music overlooking windows and dining space.