Hello Isabella! The design driver for this proposal is to not sacrifice any of the living experience within the 26-sqm space. The apartment is divided into 3 major space: (1)Kitchen&Dining room, (2)Living room&Library, (3)Bedroom, which is arranged according to different need of privacy. Closest to the entrance, L-shaped kitchen counter allows the dining area to be maximized, a table of any shape can be fitted in for dinner party/ tea gathering. A quiet living room with full-wall bookshelves is situated at the NW corner. The bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment efficiently with wardrobe and bookshelves to ensure privacy. What's more, the working desk is placed in front of the window, welcoming daylight while working from home. Washing machine is suggested to be hidden from the living area where guests stay, so it's placed behind the bathroom wall. Minimum changes are made to the bathroom layout, a 2-in-1 toilet with a bidet is recommended to save more space. A 0.8x1m shower cubicle can thus be fitted. In terms of materials, wood and white finishing are used extensively to create a bright and airy feeling. The bright-coloured upholstery brings extra warmth to the interior as well. I hope you like the design!